Art Love

Children Helping Children


In 2020, Ava Rajappa of Richmond founded Art Love – a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing art supplies to children and youth facing hardship.

I started fifth grade in the fall of 2020,” says Rajappa, “and arts and crafts have helped me in life. Sometimes, when I am scared or overwhelmed, I do arts and crafts to calm me down. They are very fun to do and I am hoping other kids who have similar feelings would be able to use the art kits we donate to feel better when they are anxious.”

With the help of her parents, donors, and a grant from Dominion Energy, Rajappa and a team of 50+ volunteers collects art supplies, organizes them into kits, and delivers them to schools, hospitals, homeless shelters, and more.  To date, more than 4,200 kits have been delivered to organizations in nine states, Washington DC, and two countries. 

Jackson-Feild was thrilled to receive a supply of kits from Art Love.  Art teacher Tracie Wilder says, “Youth at Jackson-Feild often are unable to verbalize their thoughts and feelings.  Art is the perfect outlet, and these kits from Art Love will help them tremendously in the healing process.”

For more information about Art Love, visit  To make a donation to help supplement and replenish art supplies at Jackson-Feild, please call 434-634-3217.


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