Ladies of the Lake Donate to CMH Foundation Cancer Care Fund

South Hill, VA (8/27/21) – The Ladies of the Lake Cancer Support team assists men, women and children who have cancer and live around the five counties of Lake Gaston. They raise money at annual fundraisers to include a holiday homes tour, yard sale, and cookbook sales. They also host monthly Bunko games. They recently donated $2,500 to the Community Memorial Hospital Foundation Cancer Care Fund.

“There are just 19 of us and we are very proud that every cent we make from everything goes to help all of these people in need,” said Susan Williams, of Ladies of the Lake. “We had to host the Holiday Home Tour virtually last year. Even doing that we made more money than the previous year!” 

“The Ladies of the Lake Cancer Support team has donated $49,000 through the years,” said Ken Kurz, Director of Marketing and Development at VCU Health CMH. “That is a tremendous level of giving from a small volunteer group and we are so thankful for their generosity.”

“Many patients may lose their insurance or face other financial issues like being unable to work, which makes nausea and pain medications very difficult to afford,” explained Teresa Collins, Director of the Radiation and Medical Oncology Department at VCU Health CMH.

The VCU Health CMH Cancer Care Fund was started by the CMH Foundation and generous donors to help patients in our community who are dealing with cancer.

As patients visit the Hendrick Cancer Center or Solari Radiation Therapy Center daily for chemotherapy and/or radiation services the distance a patient travels can become costly; this fund has been used to assist with these travel expenses.

Each case is thoroughly evaluated by the cancer care team, to determine exactly what assistance is needed, and if the Cancer Patient Care Fund is an appropriate resource.

Support for the Cancer Care Fund can give these patients a hand, and also give them peace of mind, knowing that the inability to cover these costs will not stand in the way of their treatment.

When a need is identified, patients are carefully screened by the oncology social worker and Director of Oncology to determine need and to assure that these funds are used in the way donors intended.  The oncology social worker does extensive research to identify grants or other resources which may be available for the patient on top of looking at the Cancer Care Fund. 

If you are interested in donating to the VCU Health CMH Cancer Care Fund you can call (434) 447-0857 or visit