Committee to Protect Health Care announces first-ever endorsements for House of Delegates candidates

Doctors, medical professionals will lend support to “Health Care Heroes”

RICHMOND — The Committee to Protect Health Care today announced in a virtual press conference its first-ever endorsements for the Virginia House of Delegates. The doctors, health care professionals, and advocates who comprise the Committee have chosen to lend their support to:

  • Delegate Wendy Gooditis, HD 10
  • Debra Gardner, HD 27
  • Delegate Joshua Cole, HD 28
  • Katie Sponsler, HD 66
  • Delegate Roslyn Tyler, HD 75
  • Dr. Jeffrey Feld, HD 81
  • Kim Melnyk, HD 84
  • Finale Norton, HD 100

“As Virginia physicians, we are excited to endorse these candidates for the House of Delegates because of their commitment to putting people’s health and access to health care ahead of partisan politics,” said Dr. Rommaan Ahmad, a pain management physiatrist in Alexandria and Virginia State Lead for the Committee to Protect Health Care. “By designating them as Health Care Heroes, we’re making clear to the voters of Virginia that these candidates will prioritize affordable health insurance and prescription drugs, as well as paid sick leave for working people. We look forward to helping these health care champions get elected so that they can look out for the health of our patients and all Virginians.”

The designated candidates were selected because of their:

  • Support for expanding paid sick leave (1 hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours worked), which currently only applies to home health workers, to include other private employees
  • Support for the establishment of an independent prescription drug affordability board with the power to review unsupported price increases on expensive prescription drugs 
  • Support for establishing a public insurance option with quality benefits and affordable premiums
  • Promise to fight to protect gains made in Virginia on Medicaid expansion

“All of these Health Care Heroes focus on, and care about, making medical care affordable, in particular the cost of prescriptions,” said Dr. Stewart Pollack, a cardiologist in Albemarle County. “Virginians need affordable health care and prescriptions, and by electing delegates who promote these ideas, we can achieve that.”

Dr. Bickley Craven, a family physician in Big Stone Gap, said: “Virginia has made great progress on health care in recent years by expanding Medicaid. This covers more than 400,000 more people, and enacting paid sick leave for home health care workers has been essential as well. But until all our patients and everyone in the state can access the care they need to thrive and paid time off when they’re sick, we have more work to do. The candidates we’ve endorsed today can be the leaders we need to build on our progress, strengthen families, and save lives.”

About the Committee to Protect Health Care

The Committee to Protect Health Care, formerly known as the Committee to Protect Medicare, is a national mobilization of doctors, health care professionals, and advocates who are building a pro-patient health care majority in Congress and in states so that we can live in an America where everyone has the health care they need to thrive. To learn more: